Suspicious Fish

fishI had a dream about parmesan fish
Floating in a tomato red dish
It all seems so very suspish
Someone tell me what this means

They were up above the world so high
Those cheesy fish could really fly
Still, this is no excuse to cry
Perhaps my brain is rebelling

It makes me feel all itchy
And wrong and mean and bitchy
I can be more than just a little witchy
I am not myself at all

I hate it when I get like this
My soul seems to be quite amiss
Perhaps I just need a little kiss
This is really messing with my head

I’m not the angel I was raised to be
And for that I am truly sorry
Someday I hope to be a better me
No, I don’t know what it means

Just let me close my eyes and sleep
Forget this day, forget this dream
Payback I’ve learned can be very steep
I’m just a woman so please forgive me