John Tesh Thinks He Knows About Love

Image I was listening to the radio (something I rarely do unless it’s NPR) when Mr. John Tesh was on. I was driving in the rain and his voice broke through the thrum of the wipers and the splashes of my tires through the puddles. He was talking about love. Of course I was interested. Of course I couldn’t turn it off.

He gave advice on how to talk to the opposite sex. It actually made me giggle.

Guys, you should know that if you want to get a girl’s attention, just ask her where the nearest museum is.

Yes, really.

I would love it if someone would randomly ask me that question. I would probably answer that the nearest museum of interest is due east in Chicago (being a big fan of the Art Institute). Usually only homeless men talk to me, but that’s a whole other story.

I suppose Mr. Tesh is saying that one will appear cultured by asking that question. But it seems really silly to have a canned question on hand to ask some cutie. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever just gone up to someone (in a sober state) that I found attractive and fed them a line or tried to start a conversation. I suppose I have but usually a few minute conversation occurs and then I’ve moved on to more pressing matters like paying for the groceries.

So, where does one meet someone? A bar? A bookstore? At the laundromat? These all sound like intriguing places but going out and searching isn’t going to help you find “the one” any sooner. I truly believe that things happen as they are meant to, in their own time. Sometimes things happen that aren’t so lovely to help us grow and to find that love within ourselves.

The love from my son, my friends, my family, my dog, even from strangers is what fills my heart. And by traveling on a tough road I’ve grown stronger and learned what I deserve and what I will never settle for again. Magic happens when you surround yourself with positive, loving people who accept you and lift you up. When the time is right I won’t need a line or a certain place to meet the person who I will fall in love with. It’ll happen in due time when it’s right, with or without John Tesh.

I know that in my heart.